Designing a creative world for children


How do you make a prom fun for boys and girls from the ages of 6 all the way to 16? As arts and crafts instructor at Camp Pinewood, part of my role was to imagine and design a surprise prom for the kids, using their own counselors as my design army. Each year the prom had to be a fresh new theme, which as they celebrated their 50th summer my first year, proved to be just as challenging as the creation.

Once a theme was established, I would work my magic to research, sketch, collaborate with others to think of interactive activities, and hunt down any counselor that could paint or draw in order to construct the prom within the last two weeks of the summer. It all culminated in a big surprise for the kids as we pulled down the tarp to uncover the surprise theme on the night!

Year 4: Let's go on an adventure!

(Aka my favourite, I really got to flex my brain in creating small worlds for the kids to enjoy!)

Year 3: A night at the Pinewood cinema

Year 2: Pinecade Mania